Valentine Candy

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show your love. Unfortunately,  large-scale deliveries to students at school interrupt instructional time for students and staff, pulling them away from their normal activities for sorting and distribution. It also creates an equity divide between students receiving and students not receiving items, contributing to unnecessary emotional stress on those not receiving anything. These items also complicate the transportation of students on school buses as they load, unload, and ride with these items by increasing the safety risks and supervision by the drivers.  Additionally, Covid-19 protocols further compound the concerns as we try to limit visitors on campus and minimize common touch points throughout the day.

Schools are tasked with providing a safe and equitable learning environment for our students.  Therefore, Gurdon Public Schools will not be accepting Valentine’s deliveries for students from florists or individuals. 

If you wish to give your student flowers, balloons or a special gift for Valentine’s Day, we ask that you please pick it up from the local business of your choice or have it delivered to your child’s home.  We definitely want you to continue supporting our local businesses.  

Thank you so much for your understanding.