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#1 Go-Devil Road
Gurdon, AR 71743
(870) 353-4454
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Gurdon High School
     7777 Highway 67 South
     Gurdon, AR 71743

     OFFICE: (870) 353-4454 ext 1
     FAX:        (870) 353-5131

  • Grades Served:  9th - 12th

  • Colors & Mascot:  The colors are purple and gold. The athletic teams are called the Go-Devils.

  • Preparing Students for the 21st Century" Gurdon High School is to encourage all students by providing opportunities for them to perform at the proficient level or above in mathematics and literacy. 

Gurdon High EAST completed their Great Energy Audit Project this semester and are proud to say that it was a success. With the help of an After Hours Grant from The EAST Initiative, they were able to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera in order to see if buildings and houses were losing heat/cool because of insulation. Gurdon High EAST audited 30 houses and several buildings around the community and were able to help inform customers of ways to improve their heating or cooling in their houses.  
The following students were involved in the Great Energy Audit Project: 

Training – 
John Michael Clemons
Faith Shumate
Nick Smith

Initial Images/Application – 
Tanner Capps
Caitlyn Cannon
Cody Van Dyke

Documentation – 
Dylan Watson
Brian Hittenrauch
Nick Stubbs

Sketch-Up Team - 
Austen Halliday
Austin Kirkpatrick

Even though their Great Energy Audit Project has been concluded, they will still offer energy audits to any community members that are interested.  
You can email them at or call them at 870-353-5100.

EAST Man video - click here​

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